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Hand-made with sustainable, ethically-sourced materials in Brooklyn, Catbird's pieces helped innovate the stackable ring trend of the last decade. Their ultraviral works have a built a following of dedicated wearers that include Megan Markle and Emma Watson.

They're famous for their delightful, eclectic shops in Williamsburg and SoHo, but their unique aesthetic was not coming across in their ecommerce presence.

Our work at BORN Group incorporated a wealth of inspiration from their founders, including Lower East Side music posters and Parisian hotel notepads, to create an experience informed by graphic design and the miniature worlds of jewelry.

As a part of team at BORN, I took on creating itty bitty animations adapted from their in-house illustrative style, along more technical visual exploration of product tiles and commerce features.

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Catbird Locations.png
Catbird Color Exploration 1.jpg
Catbird Color Exploration 5.jpg
Catbird Color Exploration 2.jpg
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