Review: Jun Kamoda - 'Blind Disco'

Japanese producer Jun Kamoda came to the fore last year with his EP “The Clay,” released on Brooklyn label Mister Saturday Night, and particularly for the track “Physical Graffiti,” one of the most singular dance tracks in recent memory.

Demonically orgasmic, that track drives on a racy guitar vamp that builds hypnotically into a hissing drone callings us to hedonism. . . Read More


Working with Bushwick Internet radio station KPISS.FM, I launched Eastside Nightly, a weekly program of music and interviews. The project also involved a series of music reviews and news pieces about dance music culture in New York City.


After Oakland Fire Tragedy, NYC Activists Rally Against 'Dance Ban'

A new movement is afoot to repeal New York City’s anachronistic cabaret law, which essentially bans dancing unless the establish has a nearly impossible to obtain special license.

Brooklyn-based group Dance Liberation Network has a petition, and will host a town hall meeting tonight at Market Hotel in Bushwick at 7 p.m.

Put on the books in the 1920s during Prohibition to shut down black jazz clubs and speakeasies, the law makes it illegal for three or more people to dance in any bar or restaurant that does not have a special “cabaret license,” which is nearly impossible to get. While the law was largely forgotten in during the disco era, Mayor Rudy Giuliani dusted it off in the ‘90s to crack down on the city’s night club scene on behalf of real estate developers. . . Read More

Review: Pariz - 'Le Cyprès d'Abarqu'

Breezy jazz vibes emirate from Persian-French producer Parviz on his latest outing, “Le Cyprès d’Abarqu,” released on Paris’ touchstone label FHUO (For Heaven Use Only). Lucky for us, “Le Cyprès d’Abarqu" is available terrestrially, even while its aesthetic aspires to the celestial. The rich sounds of electric piano and shimmering percussion call to mind a Mediterranean oasis—a state of mind at once physically luxurious and spiritually evocative. . . Read More