Review: Pariz - 'Le Cyprès d'Abarqu'

parviz cypres.jpg

Breezy jazz vibes emirate from Persian-French producer Parviz on his latest outing, “Le Cyprès d’Abarqu,” released on Paris’ touchstone label FHUO (For Heaven Use Only). Lucky for us, “Le Cyprès d’Abarqu" is available terrestrially, even while its aesthetic aspires to the celestial. The rich sounds of electric piano and shimmering percussion call to mind a Mediterranean oasis—a state of mind at once physically luxurious and spiritually evocative. 

This new record follows up Parviz’s outstanding contribution to last year’s split-EP with the label’s boss Folamour, “Alerte à Babylone,” which established a formula of searing jazz keyboard solos working off thrusting 909 kick drums. 

Now, Parviz extends his vision upward into an even more transcendently euphoric range, with a dramatic vision more keenly refined than before. Nuanced layers of hi hat, shaker, saxophone, flute, and a ménage of ephemera, exist in blissful harmony, remaining centered between ecstatic climax and introspective ambiance.  

“Ta'm—e Gilās (طعم گيلاس)” builds tenderly, strolling along with shaker loops that underly rippling saxophone explorations, and echoes Tarka Blue’s “Dreamflower.” 

Perhaps the dream flower ties conceptually to the titular Cyprus of Abarkh, an actual tree in Iran believed to be more than 4,000 years old, the oldest living being in Asia. Once again our attention is directed toward the corporal within the divine.